Alaska Construction to Echo Ranch

Learn more about our trip to Echo Ranch in Juneau in mid-September of 2022!

About Alaska 2022 (Construction Trip)

Echo Ranch Bible Camp is in Juneau, Alaska and serves about 3,000 guests during three months of group retreats and 800 campers during three months of summer camp. There are 4 different camps for ages ranging from 7 – 18. During the other six months of the year when Echo Ranch is not in operation, the missionaries who staff the camp follow-up on the campers and challenge them in their personal walk with Jesus Christ.

We will partner with Echo Ranch and our Westside SENT missionary partners, Daniel and Amanda Schoenthaler. We will be helping Echo Ranch with some construction projects as well as helping with various tasks on the ranch. 

How much does the trip cost?

$1500 a person

How can I participate?

  • Participate in a short-term mission trip in Mid-September 2022
  • Provide financial support for others to go: approximately $1500 per person
  • Enlist your lifegroup to pray ongoing for this ministry
  • Pray specifically for the Schoenthaler’s seeking God’s guidance regarding living locations
  • Pray for the medical concerns to decrease worldwide and also in Alaska to allow travel in pandemic situation
  • Pray for good communication with our partners and their staff
  • Pray for team members willing to go to the difficult places

Get Connected

If you are interested in going on the trip or learning more about how you can support this team, fill out the form below and the team leader, Rickie Miller, will be in touch soon.