Amazon Vision Ministries Trip 2022

Learn more about the Amazon Vision Ministries trip in the summer or fall of 2022.

About Amazon Vision Ministries Trip 2022

Amazon Vision Ministries is celebrating 20 years of reaching Brazilian friends along the river. They accomplish this through evangelism, discipleship, medical and dental care. Recently, there has been a break in the food supply chain due to COVID; AVM has raised funds to provide food and water along the river for many villages. On this trip, you will fly into a larger city near the river. Then, you will stay on a river boat, going on and off the Amazon River to participate in this great endeavor. Westside friends of all ages have participated in this trip. Families with youth and children, young professionals, college students, and retirees are all welcome!

How can I participate?

  • Participate in a short-term mission trip
  • Summer or Fall 2022, dates TBD*
  • Provide financial support to help others go: approximately $3000 per person
  • Enlist your life group to provide ongoing prayer support for the ministry
  • Pray for the medical concerns to decrease worldwide and also in Brazil to allow travel in pandemic situation
  • Pray for good communication between AVM leadership and the ministry partners, Eli & Silvana
  • Pray for final leadership to be in place to manage this trip*
  • Pray for team members willing to go to the difficult places
  • Pray for “Supply the River” project taking food to the area during challenging times

Get Connected

If you are interested in going on the trip or learning more about how you can partner with the team, fill out the form at the button below and the team leader will be in touch soon.