Share your Bloom story!

What is Bloom?

In years past we have had a Mother’s Day event that we have hoped would give us an opportunity to reach out to our neighbors. 

This year, instead of a large church event, we are asking the women of Westside to host smaller gatherings. This gathering can be taking a neighbor or friend out for lunch or an actual planned event in your home, but with the intention of sharing your story. 

All of us as women share some similar life circumstances and experiences. All of us have faced the COVID-19 pandemic and political unrest in our country. No one has been spared the stress and strain life puts on us as individuals. 

But many of us have also discovered that the answers, guidance, and peace that we need are found in Jesus and in His word. 

Exposed to His Love and Truth, we all have the opportunity to Bloom in seasons like the one we are in and actually grow into a more purposeful and fruitful Christ follower. 

We really want you to share that story. Share how you have Bloomed and what God has taught you over the past year. Or maybe share how God has taught you this truth at a different time of difficulty. 

Our hope and prayer is that you would also intentionally develop and plan opportunities to share the story with your neighbors and friends.

Be creative in how you do that. 

To help you, we will be posting videos of some of our own Westside women who have discovered the beauty of blooming in a time of struggle. 

How do I develop my Bloom story?

If you're not sure where to begin in developing your Bloom story, think through some of these questions:

  • When was a time in your life that you were dissatisfied with your circumstances?
  • What was the most important thing to you at that time in your life?
  • What helped you navigate the situation you were in?
  • Where did you find your security, peace of mind, or happiness?

What's Next?

Let us know about your experience with sharing your Bloom story by filling out the form linked below.