Precepts: Romans Part 2

Wednesday, August 26th @ 6:00pm; Thursday, August 27th @ 9:00am Online and Zoom options available

About Precepts

Precept’s classes are in-depth Bible studies that incorporate personal study and in person teaching. Each study includes the complete text of the book being studied, relevant maps, charts, and timelines, and approximately five hours of homework per week. These group studies are led by a trained Precept Leader and offer the fullest Bible study experience. This fall our women pick up in Romans Part 2. In this Precept study, we will learn how to be free from the guilt and power of sin. Discover how justification by faith relates to day-by-day living through the Holy Spirit's power - the amazing process of sanctification.

Who is teaching?

Sara Chauncey

When do they meet?

The class will begin on Wednesday, August 26th @ 6:00pm and

Thursday, August 27th @ 9:00am

Classes will be held in room F104 at the Newberry Rd Campus.

Online and Zoom options available - Please email for meeting ID

How much does it cost?

The cost is simply how much the book costs for you to purchase. Currently, the book is $25. Books are available for purchase at the Newberry Rd Campus during regular business hours. (Please call 353-333-7700 to check our updated business hours due to Covid-19).

Is there childcare?

Yes, childcare is available for the Thursday morning class only.

How can I sign up?

Do you want to join this class? Wonderful! Fill out the form below and our class leader will be in contact with you soon.