Westside Childcare Supervisor

5-12 Hours/Week | Birth-5th Grade

Job Description

The Childcare Supervisor position is responsible to the Childcare Coordinator and oversees duties as assistant to the Coordinator and in supervisory duties over childcare operations when needed. Applicant will be available for scheduling during any/all of Westside's childcare hours which generally include Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings, Wednesday evenings, Thursday mornings, and occasional weekend events.

Do I Need Experience?

Applicants should have experience caring for various ages of children and Infant/Child CPR certification is encouraged.

Will there be a background check?

Yes. We are a Drug Free facility and background screenings will be conducted.

What is the hourly rate?

Rate of pay will be based on qualifications.

Interested in learning more or applying?

Simply fill out the form below and our Childcare Coordinator, Jean, will be in touch as soon as possible!