The need-to-knows for YTH WKND 2024


What are the sleeping arrangements?

Students will stay in host homes on Friday night and Saturday night. Students will be placed in host homes based on their small group for the weekend. Thus, students will only be in homes with other students of the same gender and grade in addition to their Team Leaders. Host home parents must be members of Westside, complete an application, and pass a background check to be eligible to serve in this capacity.

Guest churches will coordinate their own sleeping arrangements, usually in host homes or hotels. Please contact your Youth Leader for any questions.

Who will be in my small group?

Small groups are formed based on gender, grade (mostly), and church registration. For example, 10th grade girls who register using Westside’s registration link will be grouped with other 10th grade girls from Westside. Occasionally, we will have to blend grades depending on group size. Students are encouraged to interact with guest churches during YTH WKND, but small groups will be formed by church registration.

Where will students be located during yth wknd?

Students will be in one of two places at all times. Students will either be at Westside or at their host home.

How will students be transported during yth wknd?

Students will carpool with their Team Leaders; students will not drive themselves. Team Leaders must be 18 years of age or older, complete an application, and pass a background check to serve in this capacity.

Are students allowed to arrive late or leave early from YTH WKND?

We encourage students to participate in all of YTH WKND from Friday night through Sunday morning. However, if students must arrive late or leave early, prior arrangements must be made with your Youth Leader. In addition, parents must complete a leave authorization form prior to YTH WKND for students to be eligible to leave our property and responsibility anytime earlier than Sunday.

How will meals work?

We will provide students with four meals. Students will receive breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday; students will receive breakfast on Sunday. Students will eat breakfast at their host homes; students will eat lunch and dinner at Westside.

We will have dinner available for purchase from food trucks on Friday night during registration and coffee available for purchase from a coffee truck on Saturday.

We will accommodate dietary restrictions and allergies. Students note these on their registration form. 

Will merch be available for purchase?

Merch will be available for purchase! We encourage students to pre-order merch while registering for YTH WKND. However, a limited quantity of merch will be available for purchase on Saturday during YTH WKND.

All students who pre-order merch will receive it, though they must pick up their pre-ordered items on Friday night. We cannot guarantee that your student will receive merch in their preferred size. We also cannot guarantee that your student will receive merch if they do not pre-order; we will sell out on Saturday.

Pre-order | $15

During event | $20

What should I bring to YTH WKND?

A packing list will be provided closer to the start of YTH WKND.

Can I change my breakout session after I register?

No. Breakout selections are final.

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