Gospel Conversation Training

Use this page to access gospel conversation training curated by Westside.

Gospel Conversation Workshops

Every semester we offer specific Gospel Conversation Workshops to help you navigate through tough issues and point people to the gospel! To register for these workshops, click the card below

Previous Workshops

Below you will find previous workshops we have done that have been captured in a digital format.

How to Disagree Without Being A Jerk

How to Share The Gospel with Someone Who Has Deconstructed

How to Share The Gospel in a conversation about suffering

The Gospel & Gender

part one

Part two

Talking about the big issues

So many gospel conversations eventually lead to hard questions about hard topics. While we can't predict every issue you will run into, we have begun to compile a list of resources around the most common topics and questions. Click the link below to access these resources.

Recommended Resources

Are you looking for some books or other resources to help you sharpen your gospel conversation skills? Check the recommended resources below.

How to Talk about Jesus (Without Being that Guy): Personal Evangelism in a Skeptical World

Learn from one of the best thinkers and practitioners on evangelism. In this short and accessible book, Sam Chan discusses ways that we can naturally build relationships and share the gospel in our everyday lives. Click the link below for the amazon link.

Turning Everyday Conversations into Gospel Conversations

Use this book to learn the "3 Circles" tool for sharing the gospel. This is a tool that millions of people have used to turn everyday conversations into gospel conversations. Click the link below for the amazon link.

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