Young Adult Ministry

Joining young adults on the journey to life's greatest potential in Christ

The Young Adult Ministry is a department dedicated to serving graduate students and adults up to the age of 35. Within this ministry, we define young adults as individuals who are single, engaged, or married without children. Our primary mission is to empower young adults to serve as gospel ambassadors both within their workplaces and among their neighbors. Additionally, we strive to foster connections among young adults who belong to different social circles within the church. Furthermore, we are committed to extending our outreach to the numerous young adults in Gainesville who have not yet encountered Jesus.

Connect in A Life Group

Our desire at Westside is for everyone to get plugged into a Life Group. Life Groups are small groups of people who gather together weekly to grow closer to each other and to Jesus. We feel strongly about Life Groups because we take seriously Jesus' command to "make disciples." Our groups are designed in such a way that community is built as you grow deeper in your understanding of God. This community is important because God uses other people to encourage us, challenge us, and care for us. Click the button below to get connected today.


  • Tailgate | September 30th

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