International Ministry

Find ways to connect with the International Ministry at Westside.

About our International Ministry

At Westside, we love and welcome all international people. We believe that the Church is meant to be a place where every person from every nation can find community and worship Jesus. Our international ministry seeks to remove every barrier (including language) to provide a space for all people. To get connected and learn more about our International Ministry, keep scrolling.

Life Groups

We believe the best place to connect at Westside is in a Life Group. Currently, due to COVID-19, the majority of our Life Groups meet online. We do, however, have an in-person group on Sunday mornings at 11AM in room F165. To get connected to an international Life Group, click the button below.

Building Bridges

Connect with international friends using English conversation to make friendships that share cultures, foods, and the Good News. Sign up options are for those primary and secondary English speakers. Please register below for more information.

Upcoming Events

Join us on October 10th for a Zoom seminar led by Ally George on relationships and becoming who you were made to be in Christ!

Invite neighbors, coworkers, family and friends from all nations to explore the following topics via Online platform:

Oct 31: Life Beyond This Life (Is there really an afterlife?)

Nov 21: Truth Beyond Science (Can I trust the Bible?)

Dec 5: Love Beyond This World (Who is the real Jesus?)

Want to learn more about local and international missions?

Check out our Missions page to learn more about how you can serve locally and around the world!

More questions?

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