Westside Foundation

Learn more about what Westside Foundation is and how you can be a part.

What is the Westside Foundation?

The Westside Foundation is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization whose mission is to enhance the strategic plan of Westside Baptist Church through the systematic and focused pursuit of planned estate giving and institutional grants.

What does the Westside Foundation do?

To put it in simple English, we exist to see the mission of Westside Baptist Church continue well beyond our life time. We do this through the amazing generosity of people like yourselves who believe in Westside’s mission and remember their church in their estate planning. While tithing is something that a member gives to their church from their income, estate planned gifting or legacy giving is something that is done with assets from their estate after someone has gone to be with Jesus.

What is Legacy Giving?

What kind of Christian legacy will you leave behind?

What impact has legacy giving made through the Westside Foundation?

Over the years, our community has been blessed by people who have designated the Westside Foundation as one of the beneficiaries on things like their life insurance policies, investment accounts, trusts, annuities, etc. These gifts have gone directly back to our church members and community through many different things. Recently some of those have been for mission trip scholarships, for the purchase of church buses to transport students to and from church each week, for new sound equipment in the sanctuary, etc. Each one of these gifts was specifically designated by the donor for those purposes. The impact that it has had and will continue to have in people’s lives for Christ is something that will live on for generations.

What can I do?

If Westside Baptist Church, or a specific ministry at Westside that has made an impact in your life and you would like to see it continue to bless others well beyond your life time, please let us know by completing the questionnaire below. While estate planning can sound complicated, it’s really not. The Westside Foundation has board members and a group of licensed professionals that are available to walk you through this process. So that together, we can join everyday people on the journey to life’s greatest potential in Christ!

Want to learn more?

We would love to send you more information about legacy giving and walk you through this process. Please take a few minutes to fill out our legacy giving questionnaire below so we can make sure to send you the information you are looking for!

In addition, we have also partnered with the Florida Baptist Foundation to provide you with valuable information for you and your family. Below you will find information to help plan your estate and learn how to make planned gifts.